Terms & Conditions

Please Observe the following rules governing the usage of iinora.

  1. Fake testimonies is highly prohibited on the platform - "Do not steal. “ ‘Do not lie. “ ‘Do not deceive one another." NIV (leviticus 9:11)
  2. This is a Christian community, and as such, posts that does not glorify God is highly forbidden.
  3. Don't abuse, bully, deliberately insult/provoke, fight, or wish harm to anyone on iinora.
  4. Don't post pornographic or disgusting pictures or videos on any section of iinora.
  5. Users has the right to question testimonies found to be sinful in nature/not inline with the bible on the comment section.However, not generating hatred but love.
  6. Posting of adverts or affiliate links outside the areas where adverts are explicitly allowed is prohibited.
  7. Don't say, or do anything that's detrimental to the security, success, or reputation of iinora.
  8. Please don't use iinora for illegal acts, such as scams, incitement, promoting HOMOSEXUALITY.
  9. Don't violate the privacy of any people e.g. by posting their private pictures, infomation, or chats without permission.
  10. Please report any post or topic that violates the rules with the (Report Testimony) link found at the bottom of the homepage.